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Moving Into the Zone...


I am a speech-language pathologist, with over 20 years of experience, working with children of all abilities.  I quickly learned after experiencing my own children struggling, and observing that many others were struggling as well, that the standard therapies and treatment were not sufficient, or even appropriate.  And so my journey began.  I began my search for answers - I wanted to know the causes of these challenges, and I wanted to know how to heal them!   

My 15 year (and counting) journey started by learning more about the role nutrition plays in neurological health and overall development. I then took a deep dive into several movement based learning modalities....including:  Rhythmic Movement Training; Brain Gym; Touch for Health; Eden Energy Medicine; and, Bal-A-Vis-X.   The reason they all have movement in common is because what I have come to understand -- and that neuro-physicists already knew, is that movement is the only thing that matures our brain!

What I am so thankful, and relieved, to have learned is that it is possible to create new neural pathways, and change how we interact with the world, at any age!  I look forward to  introducing you to neuro-developmental and reflex integration movements.  They are gentle, relaxing movements that stimulate the creation of new neural pathways and promote learning, emotional balance, and ease of movement.  They are an effective way to help with the symptoms of ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Selective Mutism, challenges with learning or sensory integration, as well as behavioral and emotional imbalances.   Incorporating these basic movements into daily routines has brought about significant improvements in the following areas:         

Focus          Speech and Language          Reading          Attitude          Memory          Social Skills          Organizational Skills          Behavior          

Math          Writing          Coordination          Sensory Processing        

These profound changes are attainable at any age, and the program is likely easier and quicker than you may think!   

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My Experience


Over the past 24 years I have worked with kids with communication, academic, behavioral, social, emotional and/or motor challenges, in traditional and therapeutic schools, in home-based Early Intervention programs, and in private practice.  

I have a bachelor in Business Adinistration from The George Washington University and a Master's of Art in Speech-Language Pathology from Hofstra University.  I have taken thousands of hours of coursework in many different movement-based therapeutic methods, and continue to learn from my mentors, clients and families all the time.  

After experiencing the unique combination of the many therapeutic interventions I incorporate into my sessions, my clients quickly report feeling more ease at school, at home, with friends, and in the world.
And in all cases, their families and teachers have also reported marked, and swift progress.            

About Me


Nothing brings me greater joy and satisfaction than helping others achieve their goals, and facilitating ease in lives of my clients.  

Through the use, and teaching, of the many therapeutic methods I have learned over the years, I have witnessed the most profound changes in myself, my family and in my clients.  

I am particularly sensitive to the challenges families are facing today as I am the mother of three amazing children, all of whom are on their own healing journeys.  The modalities I have chosen to study are all based on my personal experience successfully using them to facilitate healing in myself and my own family.

I feel blessed to have found and studied these modalities -- and as a natural student, teacher, and healer, I thoroughly enjoy being a perpetual student, and sharing everything I learn with my clients!  

I am committed to making sure that each client and family I work with feels empowered.  My hope is that the knowledge gained while we work together will continue to support you while you and your family live your lives with ease.    

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, practicing yoga and meditaion, traveling, and spending time in nature.