Complimentary Initial Consultation

I offer a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to review your concerns and outline the individualized and unique
way in which I work with clients.  

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Initial Family Consultations and Therapeutic Services

 My first meeting is a parent consultation, usually 90 minutes, and is designed  to capture a thorough summary of my client's strengths, challenges and needs, as well as a detailed developmental history.  This provides the foundation from where an individualized plan is developed.

I work with clients for individually designed sessions, up to 60 minutes each, in which the client's skills are assessed, and a movement based program is designed. The program includes exercises and massage techniques pulled from one or more of the many modalities I've studied.  At each follow-up session, progress is monitored and the home program evaluated and amended, as needed. Appointments are spaced out based on the needs of client and family.

Caregivers are my collaborative partners, and the key to the success of their child's program. Caregivers are well trained to carryover the home exercise program.  All should come dressed to gently move!

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Continuing Education

I offer seminars for caregivers, and continuing education workshops for school staff.  For some clients it is necessary to support the school staff working with the student, in order to maximize their progress.

I also offer continuing education workshops for the staff of public, and private schools, as a means  to learn about how to integrate easy and effective movement-based strategies into their classrooms.  

For schools wanting an individualized classroom approach, dominance profiles are completed for each student yielding the student's dominant brain hemisphere, eye, ear, hand and foot. The combination of which tells us a wealth about how the student processes new information.  As a result we learn which movement-based exercises will be the most beneficial.  Classroom programs are designed based on a consensus of the needs of the particular group.

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