What People are Saying...Moving Into the Zone Stories....

From Silent and Anxious to Confident and Acting!

"My daughter did not speak much at school for several years.  We thought she was just shy.  We have learned through Jayne's guidance that she is not shy at all, but has Selective Mutism!  After a few months of incorporating rhythmic movements into our daily bed-time routine, and practicing brave talking every day, my daughter is now speaking almost all the time at school.  Her fear is slowly dissolving before our eyes!  She is now asking to join acting classes!  She is so much happier and is showing her true personality in most environments!  Jayne's work has been a true gift to my little girl and our family"!  -- SZ    

Sensitive to Resilient!

"My son and I so appreciate the services of Jayne! Her work has been just what this sensitive 11-yo boy needed to become more confident and resilient. Jayne had a wonderful way with him, and his apprehension turned to acceptance and when we left he commented on what a good experience it was. We do our exercises nearly every day, and check often to make sure the techniques that Jayne used are still holding. I cannot recommend Jayne highly enough"!  -- Mom of O.  

From Isolated to Involved!

"After doing the exercises Jayne taught me, I feel so much smarter and am now able to follow along in class and contribute to classroom discussions.  I had very little to say before I started seeing Jayne.  I will do these exercises forever"! -- V. (Student at a therapeutic high school identified by the staff as one of the "most difficult students to educate")